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My name is James Purchin and I am a basketball skills specialist and curriculum developer located in Portland, Oregon. Currently I conduct and lead training programs all over the world.
I enjoy traveling and teaching the game abroad, conducting camps that I’ve ran in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Cape Town, and all over the United States. I attended the University of Oregon and worked for the women’s basketball program. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I worked diligently to build a career around the game of basketball.
For over a decade, I have developed a relentless work ethic and passion for providing high-level training to professional and foundational basketball players. I pride myself on being a lifelong learner who is committed to my passion to see people reach their full potential on-and-off the court.

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How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

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Ongoing training sessions, clinics, & video breakdowns available! 
Contact for availability - 805-459-3485


We are pleased to offer the opportunity for all the players in your program to experience a Pure Sweat Clinic. In a clinic, we will lead your players and coaches through a customized curriculum by providing the latest skill development information, teaching points and concepts through intense, innovative drills, that will serve the specific needs of your program.
Pure Sweat will work directly with your program to develop a custom built curriculum to service the programs needs.
These can take place anywhere in the world!
  • Prices Vary

Semi-Private: 2-4 Players

In a group with only 2-4, athletes will get the best of both worlds. Players will learn with their peers while receiving more individual attention. There will also be customize training to meet the athlete's specific needs: Progressive Curriculum, Detailed Player Evaluations, Customized Workouts, Game-Simulated Drills, Decision Making, Small Sided Games
  • $40 Per Athlete (1 hour)
  • Small Groups 5-9 $30 per athlete 1 Hour 15 minutes


Get one-on-one attention to catapult your athlete’s skill to another level. In these private trainings in the Pure Sweat curriculum, players will have the entire session tailored to their skill level and individual needs and ability to transfer what we work on to your team practices. Get the level of attention the pros come for.
  • $75 Per hour

Game Breakdown: 

In game breakdown, I review every single possession that you were involved in during the game. I put together film edits and look at detailed analytics to help shape where you need to focus your energy and time. I list all the things you could possibly do to improve and help your team’s chances of winning next season. In addition, I will teach you what to look for when watching film. 
  • $25 per game