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What began with a few online courses has now grown into a full-blown mission to make everything Drew teaches available to players, coaches, and trainers everywhere. For over a decade, his dream was to create a basketball school that players and coaches at every level could trust.

This school will feature updates and upgrades, as well as new courses.

Rest assured, if you have purchased a course in the past, it will remain available to you at no additional cost. There is no 'bait and switch' about to happen!

To the contrary, we will be making sure everything you have purchased is available exactly as you have purchased it, and as a show of our appreciation, we will be sending you some offers and goodies reserved strictly for our current students.


From now until May 21, you will continue to have access to your courses in the old platform as well as the new platform.

Starting May 21st you will only be able to access your courses via the Virtual Basketball School.

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