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Patrick Tancioco, a nationally recognized basketball skills coach, believes in the potential of Philippine Basketball. With an illustrious career that includes a national collegiate championship, and experience training top college and pro players in the Philippines, he has cemented his position as a key figure in the basketball community.
Patrick's specialized focus on improving players’ shooting has seen multiple players across high school, college, and professional levels dramatically improve their shooting percentages. His renowned coaching services extend beyond borders, as he trains pro import players in Japan, Korea, and Lithuania, including one of the leading players in the Korean Basketball League.
His broad experience also includes being the player development coach for a top collegiate team in the Philippines, player development consultant for a 3x3 pro team, training national team players, and training players that have reached the mythical 5 of the country's top collegiate league.

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“With my unwavering vision to showcase Filipino basketball talent to the world and ultimately in the NBA, I will continue to find ways to help my players improve and be better.”